Feline Leukemia


Feline Leukemia Viral Issues

Feline Leukemia Virus is a fairly common viral disease of cats that is transmitted through fluids from other felines. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not as common in felines, but is also contagious from cat to cat via bodily fluids (primarily biting). Both of these are considered retroviruses, meaning they produce an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, which permits them to insert copies of their own genetic material into that of the cells they have infected. FeLV and FIV are still incurable diseases and both lead to the suppression of the immune system, making the infected cat susceptible to outside viruses and is commonly what leads to the death of the infected feline.

FeLV and FIV can be prevented with vaccinations. However, if you are having your cat vaccinated, please be sure to double the usage of Nzymes Granules or Antioxidant Treats for 2 weeks before the shots through 2 weeks after to nutritionally support the immune system throughout the process.

If your cat has been diagnosed with FeLV or FIV, feeding a nutritionally complete and balanced diet and using nutritional support is essential. Please see our list of pet foods we recommend.

Support Bundle for FeLV/FIV

Nutritional Support during  Vaccination Times